How to manage to do list in yahoo calendar?

Yahoo makes to be a platform suitable for enhanced mail exchange services. Other than its very useful mail applications, it is also widely preferred from years for its other useful application which is provides for its users. Every application of yahoo is user oriented but in case of issues, easy help is available at yahoo Helpline number.

Yahoo is famous mail platform that brings in very useful applications for users. One among this is useful calendar application. It helps keep track of what needs to be done with To Dos-notes or reminders that you make in Yahoo Calendar.

Create a To Do

  1. Check the Manage To Dos icon Manage ToDos select New To Do.

  2. Fill in the following information: Title-Your reminder title.

• Due Date-If the call back is due. • Priority-What a reminder is important. • List-The list to which the memory is transferred. • Reference-Any reference that you would like to add to the recall.

  1. Click the Save button.

Delete A to Do

• Right-click a To Do pick Delete to Do. • To verify, press Delete. • The To Do has been removed from the list.

To Do Lists

Creating a list to do produces a list to do to coordinate the dose.

• Press Manage to Dos icon Manage ToDos Build List. • Enter your list’s name. • Click the Save button.

Edit a To Do List

• Right-click a list to do select Edit List. • Wherever you can, a pop-up window opens: change the name. • Share via email to specific people. • Make your choices. • Press the Save button. • For easy help for this, contact yahoo contact number.

Delete a To Do List

• Right-click a list to do select Edit List. EOLBREAK-Open a pop-up window. • Press the Delete button. • Select the list to do in its entirety. • Click on “Start.” • Click yes, to verify, Delete Now.

The list will be removed, along with its entries to do.

Hide and show To Dos in a list

• Tap the button on the left of a To Do in your To Do column. • Button points right-a drop of the list. • Arrow point’s down-expanding the list.

This is really easy with yahoo but in case of issues you may obtain easy help from yahoo support number.

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